Small voice of the Lord:
If we read 1 Kings 9: 11-14 , we see the experience Elijah was going through.

There was strong wind which tore down the mountains and broke it in to pieces. There was earthquake. There was
fire. But the Lord was only in the small whispering voice, which followed all the above three.

We should be mindful that, because of the Lord’s presence and power in our lives, there can be lots of
spiritual fireworks in terms of healing, miracles, signs and wonders. These are accessories, just like the
wind, earth-quake and fire.

But our focus should be to hear that small still-voice of the Lord.
Jesus said, my sheep hears my voice. John 10:4
Jesus said I know my sheep and my sheep know me. John 10:14
Jesus said I am the good shepherd, I lead my sheep and my sheep follow me.

Our focus should be to hear the voice of the shepherd. Our focus should be to know the Lord intimately. Our focus should be to follow HIM.
All other things will be added unto us, due to our knowing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We can come to know the Lord, only if we choose to spend time with him. This refers to close personal association with the Lord. As a result of fellowship with The Lord, a relationship is built. Our knowledge about him and experience with HIM grows more and more. We will find ourselves belonging together with him. We can hear from the Lord, only if we have our spiritual ears opened for him.

Just like any right-good-close human relationships which require openness in dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity, where both individuals open their hearts for each other, our intimacy with the Lord can grow with the help of Holy Spirit, where we can open our hearts and have a heart-felt dialogue with
HIM, sharing our thoughts, hidden fears and feelings.

The Lord is the Lover of our soul.
Our close relation with the Lord, will help us to have conversations with him where we will be prepared to share our secrets with HIM. We can hear back from the Lord, as a result of this bond, which can only be built with our walk with HIM.

Lets choose to walk with HIM, from this day onwards, where we can commune with HIM and hear from HIM and he will lead us, surely.

God bless you.

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