Reach the unreached, with the love of Jesus Christ by living word of God

Agape of Christ Ministries

Agape of Christ ministries is about spreading the sweet love and message of fragrance about Jesus Christ to the world. Bro. Prabu believes that grace is a person whose name is Jesus Christ and Agape of Christ ministries is an extension of the same, focusing to give the honor and glory and praise to Jesus Christ. “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together,” Colossians 1: 17.
Currently through Praise and worship, Bro. Prabu ministers at Bread of Life Church, MN, USA, a multilingual Indian church. “Kingdom of God is within you,” Luke 17:21. Bro. Prabu believes in bringing The Word of God with power and authority and praise and worship which is close to the heart of The Lord Christ Jesus, “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power” 1 Corinthians 4:20. He strongly believes that the purpose of The Lord Jesus Christ leaving the Holy Spirit into believers’ hearts is to represent Jesus Christ alone, as HIS brand ambassadors. “The kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it,” Matthew 11:12.

About Bro. Prabu

Bro. Prabu is a worshiper of The Living God. His heart is to reach the unreached, with the love of Jesus Christ through worship/praise and the living word of God. He feels that the calling on his life, is to take the Gospel of Christ and HIS love, to the nations per Mark 16:20, and to see the expansion of God’s kingdom making a difference in every sphere of society for Jesus Christ. During the year 2009, The Lord impressed upon HIS Agape love on Bro. Prabu’s heart through a vision and confirmed it with The Word.
The lavish love ABBA Father poured upon all of us HIS children, is nothing but Jesus Christ himself as in Romans 5:5; John 3:16, Romans 8:35,39; and 1 John 3:1..

AGAPE WORSHIP ALBUMS (Tamil, Hindi and Telugu)

Bro. Prabu’s Christian worship albums are themed and titled as “AGAPE” in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu languages. This is The Lord’s work in Bro. Prabu’s life. He understood that man’s hesitation cannot stop God’s work, Agape represents the unconditional love of God, Jesus Christ himself. Songs in “Agape vol1 (Tamil)”, “Agape vol2 (Tamil)”, “Agape-Yeshua (Hindi)” and “Agape-Jehovah Nissi (Telugu)”, are written and sung by Bro. Prabu as ministered to him by the Holy Spirit. Music for all the AGAPE albums is arranged by his good friend Bro. Josiah Heflin (www.josiahheflin.com). Bro.Prabu’s wife Sis.Gloria Prabu helps produce these albums.

Agape worship Albums vol1 and vol2 in Tamil:  Agape Vol1 (Tamil), written and sung by Bro. Prabu;   Agape Vol2 (Tamil), written and sung by Bro. Prabu; One of the songs for kids, “Yesappa thaan Superman” is sung by Baby Rhema Shavonne Prabu.

Agape-Yeshua Worship Album in Hindi:  Agape-Yeshua (Hindi) album is sung by Bro. Prabu. His wife Sis.Gloria Prabu penned down the hindi lyrics. Some of his friends including Sis.Tina Arthur, Bro.Sanjay Arthur and Bro.Princeton have also written songs in this hindi album. One of the songs for kids, “Yeshua Mera superman” is sung by Baby Rhema Shavonne Prabu.

Agape-Jehovah Nissi worship Album in Telugu :  Agape-Jehovah Nissi (Telugu) album is sung by Bro. Prabu. His wife Sis.Gloria Prabu has penned down the Telugu lyrics.

Bro. Prabu believes in God honoring worship. Per John 14:17, holy spirit is the inspiration to his music. He feels that worship is the attitude of heart. He strongly believes worship should be the lifestyle of every believer in Christ.

Tamil Christian Worship Song – Nesikkiren from the album AGAPE vol1 Tamil.

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